• I done something unknown to the controller section concerning the flaps.

    This is what it looks like: FLAPS Button 3 Shift -F in______________out Button 2 F

    I cannot delete the Shift-F in the "in" section nor the F in the "out" section. In other words I want

    to delete Shift-F and F. These are keyboard keys. I want to keep my Button 3 and Button 2 which are

    my joy stick buttons. I'm familiar with the yellow triangle indicating a problem, but in my problem there

    are no yellow triangles to X out. While flying the flaps go nuts when I try to deploy or retract. I believe

    the problem above is having 2 commands in the in section and having 2 commands in the out

    section. I hope someone can help me.

  • Hello Paborn , the key controls can be deleted in controls> clicking on the key of the control you want to delete and pressing 'Delete' on your keyboard with me works like this. It is recommended that the keyboard controls have only one function for that click on the triangle and delete the or as a function that you do not want in the X in red and leave only what you want for that key Ok?

    But remember to put another keyboard directory for those keys that you deleted if you want.



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