tmflightlog.log file logs time but not landings/crashes

  • Hi everybody,

    Let me first say, this is a truly great sim. Having flown flightsims since 1990 for couple of thousand hours, also flying recreational fixed wing gliders and SEP in RL, this is something new for me in terms of helicopter simulation. I am hooked to the R22 and find the flight model in the pro-mode very realistic - admitting that I never flew a helicopter in RL. It just feels right, not sure if it is right :) . I build a simple custom collective and train everyday. Great fun!

    Now my question: The tmflightlog.log file lists block and flight time in my sim but landings/crashes are all zero. Do I do something wrong so it forgets my landings? Or is that log feature simply not impemented yet?

    My version is the latest Aerosoft Download version.

    Thanks for any input!

    Cheers, Christoph