My Lynx MK7 Power Pedal is on the right side?

  • Hi Lynx Pilots,

    I am relatively new to helicopters. I learned in Aerofly with the R22 and I understand that its Rotor turns anti clockwise, fuselage therefore clockwise, I need to counter with left pedal and therefore my power pedal is the left pedal. Also the tail rotor pushes the air from right to left thereby pushing the helicopter to the right. So I apply left cyclic or at least the helicopter hangs to the left while hovering.

    Now comes the Lynx. Same rotor anti clockwise. I learned how to start it up. I hover with all trim and stabilization off. Fully manual. Same tilt to the left hovering. So far so good. BUT it wants to yaw to the left! Same direction as the rotors turn. Adding collective / power it yaws to the LEFT. I need to add right pedal. Reducing collective it yaws to the right, I need left pedal. The the needed pedal input is less than the R22 BUT is exactly the other way round compared to the R22, while the Rotor turns in the same direction. Why?

    Probably I am being very stupid here. Maybe someone can help me with my confusion?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    And Steve, if you ever read this, what a piece of art! Fantastic Helicopter Addon. Thank you!

    Cheers, Christoph

  • Hi Christoph

    Whilst I agree both the Lynx and AH64A appear to rotate in the incorrect manner on power application this could simply be due to the lack of directional stability in the TMD file setup. IE, not enough automatic right pedal being applied to counteract torque reaction. On a real helicopter this is built in to the mechanics and design, something we have to simulate through number crunching and testing.

    We have to remember the only flight stability system I know about, is the one that Jetpack and I worked on in the early days of helicopter development. There is zero documentation on any helicopter specific TMD coding. A lot of the systems for my helicopters are specific to only that helicopter and were developed from my knowledge of the real systems. I am not party to any improvements or new stability systems that were developed for their EC135.

    Also the Lynx and AH64A are designed to be flown with the AFCS/Stab on. We do practice flying the Lynx with AFCS out and it's very much like being balanced on a ball bearing, it's not very comfortable <X and you end up chasing all your inputs as it reacts faster than you do.

    All the best