The rest of the Florida region request

  • If you have not already done so go to flight-sim dot org and download the Apollo 50 project. Better than a trip around Disneyland imho.

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    Hi, so no chance to have it in the future (on iOS), now that you control the download process? The download could be unlocked by an in-app purchase if necessary. And more downloads (new iPad Pro M1 in mind)?

    We're not ruling that out but most of the user made content I downloaded so far did not follow the proper folder and file naming conventions (lower case, no spaces) so even if we added that in some sceneries may not work on mobile platforms out of the box. Also, we put in a lot of effort to lower the overall memory usage, so on mobile we use different compression algorithms for the textures, split cultivations into smaller chunks what not. That means a scenery created for desktop may cause memory issues on mobile, bad framerates or some images may not load at all, the app could also just crash or become unusable once the user scenery is installed. Essentially all user made sceneries files would have to be converted for mobile and desktop and you'd have to provide two versions for each scenery. That's asking a lot from the content creators. It's not really as "plug and play" as you might assume.

  • I was gonna ask almost the same thing, but wanted to know which regions may be in the works for a future update. It’s been a fair few months and I wanted to mention that the PNW on the map still looks as hi res as it did in 2020, so I’m gonna assume that’s the next region in progress. Since we have Florida now, it would be amazing to at least do Miami to Seattle, southeast to northwest, since we don’t have New York yet and cannot fly LAX-NYC for example. I also see that infinite flight is hopping on the 3D buildings trend now, so IPACS might want to think about another region with a few more cities in the not so distant future ;) just a couple words of advice from me, this sim is still one of the best on the market and I would be glad to wait a few more months if another region was announced