• Some ILS glide slopes are not three degrees. Oakland 12 is 2.75°, SFO 28L is 2.85°, Eagle 25 LDA is 3.80° and Lugano IGS is 6.65°.

    Aerofly seems to works well if the autopilot engages with the (ILS) App mode. For Sion or Lugano steep IGSs picking an appropriate Descent Rate for the autopilot works best.

    I think all the Aerofly PAPIs are fixed at 3 degrees and they are often significantly misplaced. The copilot feature might have a fixed glide path?

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    The copilot approaches at a fixed 3 degrees, the ILSes have glide slope angles based on database entries and the PAPIs should have the approach angle stated on approach charts. Feel free to collect a list of all PAPIs where that is not the case so that we may correct them.

    Keep in mind that even at real world airports the visual approach guidance (PAPI, etc.) may not correlate with the glide slope angle. The visual guides could be higher or lower than the G/S in real life.

  • Hi Jan, I cannot think of many PAPIs that are positioned with near absolute precision so perhaps the Aerofly PAPI database could be renewed? A fraction of a degree does not make much difference if it places the touch down point in the wrong place.

    This was reported previously and you were kind enough to give it consideration.

    Here are some pics which I hope are helpful.

    The distances are not insignificant.

    Thanks for your continuing hard work to help us and to improve this Wonderful Flight Simulation at all hours and especially during the terrible pandemic.