Video showing helicopter sling load in Aerofly

  • @aenbacka: We will do our best, but at this time it's too early to say anything as a lot of things get a complete overhaul.

    Well as a software engineer myself I know how complex projects can be, and everything takes its own time. And the list of required features keeps growing. Thanks a lot for all effort you do😀 And it has been very interesting to follow the VRM project and certification, great work!

  • Part of this question I can answer according to a post by Jan here on the forum in which a user asked about how demanding the update made to new features demanded, Jan highlighted only a slight CPU requirement of around 5%, Unfortunately this topic is very difficult to find I can't find it, but I'm almost 100% sure that it was said.

    Let's be a little less exaggerated guys, I like all of you, can't wait to try new features.

    I know it is a long wait, but I believe it will be worth it as we have been shown at some point and that is why I'm still here!!


  • Dear IPACSers,

    I think it is a great pity that Steve ( larrylynx) is now withdrawing. :( He has done so much for our community with his helicopters - especially for those who love to fly helicopters. Thank you Steve, I enjoy flying your models and hope that this will continue for a long time. :thumbup: :)

    And thanks also to Jan (@JetPack) who, from my point of view, has always been positively supportive and, in my opinion, cannot be blamed for this development. :thumbup: :)

    And so it is a sad and thoughtful goodbye today, :/


    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • The problem is, that some postings that are being made, do not reflect the truth.

    Many posts in many forums do not reflect the truth. Personally I think the wisest options are either contradict or ignore. Censorship merely serves to make a quiet forum more quiet & that's not helpful to anyone.

    it's time to leave.

    Don't go Larry !!! I detected an apology and hopefully admin won't be quite so heavy handed with the hammer of redaction - even if only for you :)

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  • to the first things people ask in this thread ... :

    I had my problems with Jeff also years ago ... and I was inactive for a year here , because he had a real delete obesession sometimes :) :) ...

    but this forum has been good for 1-2 years, mistakes are always made by humans , but it is relatively rare here.

    If some users vehemently "demand" after purchasing the software .... that they are entitled to receive further developments

    and add-ons (whether free or to buy) ,I wonder where this alleged promise in the internet or in the sales contract, or in the forum?

    You get software for your money that should work according to the description at this point in time (in the best case) and you can

    be happy if your operating systems, software and hardware is changing that your simulator is well maintained in the future or even

    updates come out when other hardware and software are on the market come.


    Where does anyone write that a software manufacturer (i.e. IPACS) is obliged to program add-ons and additional software and

    MUST DELIVER other things? ?? How can you demand that and get angry about it? ?

    You can ask ... and wait for additional software (add-ons, planes, functions, sceneries) to be available for

    purchase, or even for free ... but how can you DEMAND MORE? with what justification?

    If a helicopter company buys a simulator and (perhaps pays a lot of money) so that the simulator company optimally adapts the Sim-helicopter,

    why should one of the two ... give this work away to others or sell it .... if the other partner does not allow this in the contract?

    It's a completely normal process, you can ask for it, it will be explained to you and then it's good.

    I didnt understand some questions here from some user in this direction ...

    We will get what they make , when its time ... everyday ask for it ( and we get no answer for future planed things as we read

    here every week ) why ask more, it is like it is .. you can use your sim, as you buy it, dont cry !

    To Steve... please dont go ... A deletion error was made here from the moderator, which has been fixed ....


    Cheers, Michael :)

  • If a helicopter company buys a simulator and (perhaps pays a lot of money) so that the simulator company optimally adapts the Sim-helicopter,

    why should one of the two ... give this work away to others or sell it .... if the other partner does not allow this in the contract?

    It's a completely normal process, you can ask for it, it will be explained to you and then it's good.

    I didnt understand some questions here from some user in this direction ...

    I agree, the fact that Aerofly is being certified by EASA ... making it possible to close the contract with companies, this does not force the IPACS to mandatorily make available the models that are present in the VRM version for the AeroflyFS2, because as the Higgy member spoke The contract it's not with us but with companies, so there is a whole privacy issue that prevents VRM models from being made available for the Aerofly FS2, anyone who understands the contract or has worked with it will understand this better.

    And remember, maybe they are winning to work faster, enabling them to develop more.

    I am proud to be part of a simulator that is proving to be really a simulator with EASA certification which is not easy to obtain.



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  • Ich Springe jetzt auch mal über meinen Schatten!! :)

    Ich bin auch jemand der sich schon oft kritisch hier geäußert hat,manchmal auch mit Unrecht von mir dafür wurde ich auch gelöscht (abgehackt)! ;)

    Ich war verwöhnt vom FSX und seinen vielen Updates,was man aber wie ich jetzt einsehe nicht von so einen kleinen Team verlangen kann.

    Ich wollte aus frust jetzt immer zu MFS 2020 wechseln,aber irgendwie zieht es mich immer zu Aerofly FS 2 zurück.

    Vielleicht sollte man mal im Leben zufrieden sein mit dem was man hat,und ich Denke die Leute die hier sagen das Sie gehen, kommen wie ich irgendwann zurück..zu Aerofly FS 2. :)

    Lasst uns einfach Dankbar sein mit dem was wir haben, und uns Freuen was noch kommt. :thumbup:

    Ich finde das wir echt eine super Community sind,die zusammen halten muss. ;)


  • I hope we will learn from this for a while and see fewer manically hopeful demands winding up the Tübingen team and the largely content mass of users.

    I have done my share of annoying moaning and Aerofly is not my perfect sim. That perfect sim isn’t available anywhere unfortunately🥲 so I’ll take the imperfections and keep on enjoying Aero in its wonderful multi-format current presentation. I can’t really get used to how good it is.

    I wish we could give the 1990ish Microsoft Flight Sim 3 a go and see what a miracle we now enjoy.

    Those excessive post deletions from a few years back did leave a lingering resentment. There is a place for destructive and divisive messages but hopefully it is obvious that we all want the sim to improve and develop and see IPACS thrive.

  • My short (yes short ^^ , and I wrote the long one too, multiple times too) comment:

    All it takes is realizing that people that complain are people that are screaming to use/buy it again.

    People that really don't like a product move away quickly and in silence.

    There will also always be complainers, no matter what, but as said above it's actually a good thing.

    To the complainers, suggestioners, opinionators, if you really feel adamantly that you are right and that IPACS is wrong or should listen. Well what right do you have to tell them anything? You're not responsible for their success or failure, so no responsibility, no decision power, that simple. Invest in IPACS (if they let you, their prerogative too), then we'll see.

    If you're still adamant, create your own sim company, you will be ultra successful, especially when "everybody wants that feature".

    And please don't state or claim, everyone plays this away, or everyone wants this or that, it ridiculous. It discredits yourself on the spot for your obvious attempt to justify what you want as what "everyone" wants.

    You could also contribute and help makes things better by creating content.

    To all, there is a cultural component to all this. this is a multi cultural forum and people come from all backgrounds and countries (cultures). Communication in forums is already a bit difficult to interpret, but when cultural biases (communication, actions, reactions, interpretations, and language barriers) come into play, it makes everything more edgy, please consider being tolerant of what you don't know and don't imagine, and don't always assume your cultural perception is the right one (saying or reading), and that your understanding of a particular fact or statement is correct, on all sides.

    And I'm not trying to defend IPACS (not my responsibility or even desire). They upsetted me too (unwarranted censorship), they could do better in my (professional) opinion, but hey they are who they are, and I have no place to say anything, like the rest of us clients or observers. They lay their bed, they sleep in it. Their money, their fate, their strategy, their decisions, their consequences.

    But let's face it , in reality they've still done an outstanding job so far, and with a great product, otherwise "we" wouldn't be here discussing it, it's that simple.

    Let's hope we'll get sling and lights sometimes, and maybe clouds and water, something, better use or empowerment of third parties goodwill ;) , and .... Anything is great as the alternative (nothing, product dying) would certainly not be "better", for anyone. But still, like everything, it has a natural life.

    Michael out.

    :D as I tried to post it told me that there was a "censored word" (now changed obviously), oh the irony.

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