Wrong ILS Frequencies

  • For some reasons the ILS frequencies on the Navigation map are rounded, 1 digit after the dot. Example Zurich 34 is 110.8 instead of 110.75.

    BUT in the game it's not. So you have to setup 110.75, at least in some planes (F18, MB-339, Hawk T1). Problem is, you don't know the actual frequency (unless you check on the Web). When it does not work, try 0.05 below (or above?). That's pretty annoying.

    Could you fix that? Thanks.

  • I met this error in Aerofly FS 2020/21 (maybe 19).

    This ILS approach works well with the A320. But the displayed distance is around 100 Nm whereas you are on finale...

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    Aerofly FS 2022 on iPad Pro 11-inch M1 / 8 GB RAM

  • If you introduce the UK scenery to PC it would help to display the NDB frequency in decimals of kHz as tenths of a kilohertz are widely used for the remaining UK NDBs.

    There is a thread from Niko Nixon in the mobile section where the Aerofly FS2021 UK scenery Nav page not displaying the full frequency numbers is reported as a problem.

    There do not seem to be NDB decimals in use with the FS2 PC U.S. and Swiss sceneries.

    It is interesting that the PC King Air ADF receiver displays decimals but does not adjust to that precision. It might suffice to advise PC users to just tune to the whole kHz numbers either side of the desired frequency, as is required with whole kHz receivers.

    (Another reason why audio idents are required in real world aeroplanes like the Cessna and Baron)

    later ... the Aerofly King Air FMC/CDU type input will take 0402.50 for the NDB entry.

    And … the Cessna and Baron do NOT work with 402 or 403 selected for 402.5 (at Leeds UK) in FS2021.