Sensitivity of Controls for R22

  • Hi all

    Especially those with much real world experience with the R22 helicopter.

    My controls are:

    • Microsoft Force Feedback 2 (with deactivated force feedback for helicopters)
    • Simped vario pro USB

    I'm asking for advice for the sensitivity settings of these for R22 in expert mode.

    I'd like to have the most realistic experience as possible.

    At what sensitivity settings behaves the R22 as comparable as possible like the real R22?


    The Simped vario pro USB rudder pedals has the following curve types from which I can choose on the hardware itself:

    • linear
    • logarithmic
    • exponential

    Which of these is the best for my purpose?

    Thanks !

  • Well this is entirely subjective depending on hardware. I have an X56 with the spring removed for helicopters and I think that it's not too bad sensitivity wise although I haven't really flown it a lot for a while. I wrote an article for Helisimmer a while back about the R22...…s2-r22-pilots-perspective

    I haven't flown it much since then but I see that not much has changed.

    Not sure about curves, the real thing is very linear on all axis but I don't know about the sim as I never used curves.