Comparing aerifly's competitors, I think aerofly needs more details.

  • Today I compared with other simulation flights, and I think there are some areas that need improvement.Our plane model is not delicate enough, I have been emphasizing that Boeing can not use Airbus strobe lights.

    Aerofly's airport is beautiful, Our ground service equipment is less, and their position is not correct, which will affect the launch of the aircraft

    .Lack of necessary ground guidance lines

    I have two pictures here that we can look at, The ground service equipment is really a lot, and the location is correct.I Don't like to play IF, but I hope I'm objective enough.This will have a positive effect on us.

  • Yesterday I tried the new Infinite Flight with cirrus clouds and buildings at airports.

    Cirrus clouds and buildings at 20 airports!

    « Ça casse toujours pas 3 pattes à un canard »

    5 minutes later, I had already removed THAT from my iPad.

    Talking about scenery resolution, buildings, clouds, curved runways, interactive cockpits, A320 works and sounds like an airbus, Aerofly FS 202x is simply the best, from far, from far and far.

    And IPACS didn’t yet take avantage of the future new iPad Pro M1 (because it almost doesn’t exist yet).

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer on iPad A320

    iPad Pro M1 / 11-inch / 8 Gb RAM

  • Thank you for postings. But please no competitor bashing or discussions here in our forum.

    Like we mentioned before we will of course improve Aerofly FS in the future, so expect more detail and more realism with each version that comes out. But we also have to be careful to always ensure Aerofly FS runs smooth on all supported devices. We already have lots of new stuff in our pipeline, like new regions, new and improved aircraft and many other things. So expect to see quite a lot of stuff in the future. But a lot of this stuff requires increased system hardware requirements ( no problem for desktop computers ) but on mobile this means we either have to drop some devices or ( more complicated ) run Aerofly FS in different versions.