A320 MCDU misbehaviour?

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    That sounds like a bug. Do you have a full route planned with departure and arrival when you tried this?

    Can you please upload a screenshot of the navigation menu of the route that you are flying and mark the location on the map where you tried to edit the flight plan with the MCDU and which waypoint?

    Then I can replicate this much easier and don't have to check all possible combinations ;)

  • Well, I am sorry I am unable to upload a screenshot, but I reproduced another simple FPLAN and the same happens.

    For example, KSFO19L - PDG - GVO - KSAN09, no SID no STAR for simplicity purpose, and being PDG a NDB and GVO a VOR manually added to have some waypoints along the route.

    In MCDU FPLN page, if I intend a LAT or VERT revision at PDG, data for KSFO19L appear, and for a revision at GVO, data for PDG appear instead.

    Thank you for your attention.