Multiuser on RC8

  • I have purchased both RC7 and RC8 of the flight sim - I am using my Flysky Transmitter with an interface, and it works well - Although it is a 6 channel and I can only get four functions working - it is enough. Anyways, I see the system supports Mulituser - but I can't find any one on the system. Is there a "SERVER" which can connect multiple users? or do each user need to connect to one another. Would be great if you could fly with others.

    Thank you - great product.


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    The RC models have a much lower polygon count and a laptop can easily handle 20 of them. But if you load just two of the high fidelity models of Aerofly FS then you run into memory and frame rate issues especially on mobile.

    So we'd have to make lower quality models and also have to create a system that transmits only the most important data via network every so often. You don't need to send all thousands of cockpit switch positions every frame. Instead we can limit it to external features like flaps, gear, spoilers, flight controls etc.

    That's why the RC multiplayer system is not able to handle the Aerofly FS aircraft.