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  • This was and is my doubt!

    A short time ago the center of this view was on the side of the aircraft then it was moved to the back which improved a lot, but in some situations when we are not focused on the side or the front and we want to land and take off centered with this view, we need to double-click on the screen and click PageUP to restore the center of view so we can see the Runway... (which is easier on the PC version). I think maybe I can center this view by modifying the R0 values like we can do in the wing views.... But I'm not sure only Jan can confirm this, as I've tried too!

    Modifying the center of the External view would better help the user to perform landings and takeoffs with this view as it is enough to double-click and the view will be centered correctly without having to move the view upwards with the keyboard.



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