feedback bug

  • Dear ipacs

    feedback : BUG

    1.The nose gear of the Boeing 777 often bounces. It looks very loose, I hope to see it more stable.

    2.a380 Landing speed too low

    3.A strange phenomenon was found: if the height of clouds at Zurich Airport was set at 2000 feet, the clouds had already stuck to the ground at Denver Airport.I understand it's the altitude differenceBut I don't have a better idea.If I need to fly from the plains to the highland airport, the clouds will block my view, which is not a good experienc

  • Yes

    I think it's a rumour from one of my previous thread:

    But it's right that in this thread above and other threads let know small remarks behind them... Like real weather, and the fact that the current traffic could accept other sources than the actual AI Traffic, multi-players for example.

    This is why I begin to beg for multi-players / real weather for next update (cross-devices). Maybe, next next update.

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