Q400 left PFD artifacts/flickering

  • Finally I've given up on the new 'other' sim and I had totally forgotten how ultra smooth FS2 is, how easy and realistic the aicraft can be trimmed, the realistic bright cockpits in bright daylight, the basically non-existent loading times etc.

    I love to fly the Q400, but I noticed that when I'm using Vulcan with high quality anti-aliasing and vsync, the left PFD starts to flicker, graphic artefacts and strange spikes occur.

    Strange enough this doesn't happen with the right PFD or the standby horizon.

    Without VR I'd love to keep vsync instead of using the 120fps option. Am I the only one with this problem?

  • I'll do that as soon as I have reinstalled FS2.

    When I wanted to convert the DR400 I've got an error message that the mscvr120.dll is missing and that this is an idication for an unstable win 10 install.

    After downloading mscvr120.dll I've received a new error message; 0xc00007b

    Although my win10 install is rather fresh, I decided to reinstall win10 from scratch. This took half a day but there's still no msvcr120.dll.

    So I'm a bit reluctant to reinstall FS2, because without a useable converter there's an important part missing for me. :(