• I've found Reshade works very well with other sims in VR but I'm unable to get it to work with Aerofly. Has anyone tried it and had any luck getting it to work?

    Here's the link https://www.reddit.com/r/ValveIndex/c…rt_time_to_fix/

    For anyone reading this who isn't aware what reshade is the only way I can describe it is it's like the lenses in your VR headset have been cleaned, it really makes a big difference.

  • Habe es auch probiert - ReShade_Setup_4.9.1

    Aber nun startet mein VR nicht mehr, wohl auch weil ich so ziemlich alles im Spiel schon ausgereizt habe.

    Vielleicht jetzt eine blöde Frage, aber wie bekomme ich ReShade wieder vollständig aus dem Simulator gelöscht?

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  • I tried it too - ReShade_Setup_4.9.1

    But now my VR doesn't start anymore, probably also because I've already exhausted pretty much everything in the game.

    Maybe a stupid question now, but how do I get ReShade completely deleted from the simulator?

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    Sorry but like I already said, I have not actually tried it. You are probably best to go to the forum link I provided and ask there. Maybe also try asking at the ReShade website. I would have thought that simply uninstalling Reshade would be all that is required. Maybe you can try a win10 Restore to a point prior to when you installed Reshade? Good luck mate.

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