Aerofly RC 8 Steam Version Updated and F4 Phantom Added

    • Official Post

    Greetings fellow RC pilots,

    An update has been released for the Aerofly RC 8 Steam Edition fixing numerous bugs and adding a new aircraft to the DLC Expansion Pack 1:

    The famous F4 Phantom military jet in a large 1:4 scale with wing span of nearly three meters.

    Bug fixes

    • Multiplayer aircraft sounds no longer get stuck when other players switch models
    • Multiplayer aircraft sounds now muted again when player is set to hidden
    • Shader model reflections and gloss now correctly updated when starting the sim in panoramic scenery
    • Fixes to menu rendering in OpenGL


    • F4 Phantom jet added to DLC Expansion Pack 1

    If you already have Aerofly RC 8 in your Steam library the update should already be installed for you automatically. If not, Aerofly RC 8 is available in the Steam Store here:

    Have fun with this new yet! :)

  • is this aircraft planned for the non-steam version?

  • Does the direct bought version get am update too?