Wrong DME simulation England scenery.

  • At Bournemouth and at London Stansted the ILS DME indicates the distance to the other airport’s runway.

    It is intermittent and more likely at Stansted but I noticed it first at Bournemouth, I followed the strange 105 mile DME indication and arrived at Stansted.

    The ILS frequency is 110.50 MHz for both airports and the same frequency is used by each airport for the opposite directions to the main runway. The sim normally automatically picks the direction based on the aircraft position.

    Here the sim is in the Stansted area with the local Barkway and Brookmans Park VORs displayed. The Stansted ILS is correctly identified and the sim ILS works but the DME distance shown is from far away Bournemouth.

    Version 20.21.31 iPad pro 10.5