Aerofly mobile Version 20.21.31 keeps crashing randomly on iPad Pro

  • Hi Aerofly team,

    Since I updated to version 20.21.31 unfortunately the app keeps crashing randomly after a few minutes in flight ( regardless of aircraft or location). I ran all Aerofly versions so far successfully on my I big pad pro first gen. As it is usually the first question: I have no traffic active. I restart the iPad before I fly and have other apps closed, I have more than 10 GB space left as storage space. It’s only happening since the new version which said in the remarks that it optimises memory usage. .... well for me it makes Aerofly unplayable at the moment. Any ideas, anybody else experiencing similar issues.


  • Actually , I fully deleted and reinstalled the app and all sceneries. Now it seem to run smooth and doesn’t crash. I have the first iPad Pro with the 12,9 inch screen. Modell ML2I2FD/A.

    Reproducing was hard, as it crash after a few minutes regardless what I deed. I noticed it first in the f18, then tried the dash, then got annoyed :) . But now it seems fine.