• Good evening mates!

    I really enjoy to simulate emergency landings in this simulator, 90 % of time with big airliners like 747, 777 etc.

    My preference are airports with descending runways and steep approaches for example. All directions.

    Meiringen, Mollis, Alpnach (Swiss)

    Scilly Isles (UK)

    Catalina, Monument Valley (only 16 possible), Telluride (my favorite) (US)

    My question is, do you know any other cool runways with approaches like these?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Monument Valley runway 34 is my favorite - F18 for the real challenge! :)

    You can either stall above the ridge and drop in like a stone and stop the fall with afterburners at the right time or try and do a right hand turn at very high angle of attack. You may want to work up to that though with something like the C172 or B58.

    Innsbruck is pretty nice (Orbx scenery) if you fly a traffic pattern with an airliner. You can easily do a pattern with the widebodys, too.

    Default scenery (or plus free DLCs):

    I can also recommend Arcata RWY 14 (sloped at the end) with something like the A320.

    Monterey (short and sloped) with Q400 or A320, B737.

    Bob Hope RWY 26 left base to final,

    Palm Springs RNAV to RWY 13 R (constant descending turn),

    Marble Canyon (thin runway with a funny taxiway leading onto the runway at an angle),

    Aspen (Colorado, steep approach into valley, tricky go-around)

    San Diego (terrain sloping down, scenic but easy)

    Reno/Tahoe (terrain sloping down, scenic and also easy)

    John Wayne Airport noise abatement departure RWY 20R (full power takeoff holding brakes, steep initial climb then quick level off, slight left turn, slow and quiet shallow climb, then once at shore line resume normal climb)

    Kern Valley traffic patterns (surrounded by mountains)

    Page Muni RWY 07/25 (really short - 490m or 1600ft)
    Napa County RWY 36R (quite short)

    Columbia Airport RWY 17 (terrain sloping down) and RWY 11 (grass, short)

    Westover Field RWY 01 (somewhat on a plateau, terrain slopes up)

    Placerville Airport RWY 05 (terrain slopes up, plateau)

    South Lake Tahoe RWY 36 (mountains in the way for bigger aircraft)

    Gansner Field RWY 07 (long final... mountains in the way, steep approach)
    Boulder City Muni RWY 15 (long final, mountains in the way, steep approach)

    Round Valley RWY 10 (mountain definitely in the way, you may have to use quick lift up if you use long final start position)

    Agua Dulce RWY 22 (terrain sloping down)

    Big Bear traffic patterns are also quite fun (in a valley)

    In Switzerland:
    Interlaken RWY 05 (tight turn at the end, quite hard with an airliner),

    Alpnach runway 19 right hand traffic pattern (if the left hand one becomes too easy), may not be possible with an airliner but with the F18 for sure

    Lausanne (sloped)

    Grenchen (sloped a bit and somewhat short)

    Saanen with an airliner or even with the 747, both directions are very challenging,

    Ambri (there's no straight in really, the faster the plane the more difficult it gets)

    Samedan (anything bigger than the C90 gets really challenging. Try a jet or an airliner there!)

    Ecuvillens (somewhat sloped but also relatively short, nice height changes on approach to RWY 09)

    Geneva RWY 05 right hand pattern with visibility at lowest setting, in the 737, at night.



  • London City is a good idea for you!



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  • Try KDEN Denver Colorado, famous for gusting winds and the worst accident in their history Continental 1404. Was a training base and hub for United Airlines after Chicago airspace became too congested. May still be?

    And Colorado springs a short flight to the South famous for mountain waves (Pike's Peak) and the Boeing 'rudder reversal' saga on the 737 - an old drama before the present MAX saga. Look up United 585 and USAir 427 (Pittsburgh USA). Personally I believe it was rudder problems (full deflection reversal) - the one part of a plane you do not won't to fail in flight is the rudder - plane's stop flying without a rudder (rudder/tail loss) and a full rudder deflection is RIP - uncontrollable roll over.

    Not sure how hard Aerofly wind settings are but I intend to try some flights there on Aerofly 2021.

    EDIT: sorry might be bad form to be commenting on the old 2021 version with the latest just released (will be getting it in January) but the cross wind modelling and turbulence is excellent. The copilot does such a good job of landing and taking off that you don't notice it in the 737, but try a manual landing and you do notice how hard it is. Its as good as Aerofly FS1 on the PC for crosswind modelling. I let the copilot land the cessna on a 90 degree 31 knot crosswind! max wind, max turbulence, max thermal, and that was a blast. Excellent sim. I gave up flying GA fixed wing a while ago but will give it another go. Too much boring time spent on other sims with little challenge offered with regard to wind. Thankyou Aerofly.

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