Steam: Getting bearings / distances from flight planner

  • I returned to Aerofly FS2 and tried to restart my old VFR / old-school IFR career. For this I open up the "Navigation" screen, choose some waypoints and try my best to fly my preplanned route without looking at GPS centered maps. (E.g. getting a little biplane without navigation equipment /maps and just doing a unaided VFR flight to get from airport A to airport B by just looking at the compass, clock and surrounding terrain.)

    Some time ago it was possible to have the "Navigation" screen show a handy little summary of your flight plan with bearings and distances between the waypoints, which really helped a lot to take down some notes on how your flight is supposed to work out.


    In the all-new "Navigation" screen I cannot find a way to get such a summary. I can see all my waypoints (in a much more informative way), but distance and bearing from one point to another I cannot find.


    So my question is:

    • Is there a way to show bearings / distances for the waypoints in the "Navigation" screen?
  • So there is no hidden way to access this summary? On the old screen the summary appeared for me by clicking on the word "route", which for me was rather hard to guess. So maybe there is another way to see the summary on the new navigation screen by clicking on another button I have yet to find?

  • I see that the ILS/localiser frequencies can be found on the nav page but only with the creation of an Aerofly route which I usually am not interested in, I used to just read the nav page frequencies for manual flying.

    It is unfortunate that the ILS frequencies ending in NNN.N5 and NDBs ending in NNN.5 are displayed incorrectly.

    Could the next major update/next mobile Aerofly show legs and frequencies? I do hope the current format is not a sacred cow.

  • As I am back again at building flightplans in Aerofly FS4 I noticed that I cannot find a way to get distances and bearing between waypoints. Does somebody know something I might have overlooked? A hidden button (see above)?