Can we make more regions, such as some very popular regions?

  • STo make flying more immersive, perhaps officials could consider global hotspots such as the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East and countries in eastern Asia. Europe or Australia.Who wouldn't want to land in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Germany, New Yorkor Dubai?Yes, I do,

    I'm sorry to say this,I think it is a good decision to stop developing the western part of the United States and develop the European region.Players have more flight time.Perhaps we can consider developing other new regional

    EU NA SA

    Above, this is just a suggestion.

  • Just to help to wait:

    I fly, therefore I am

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  • Just to help to wait:

    I read only one useful message: wait, and the problem is for PC users

    I'm not worried it's going to take more time. .The important thing is whether the official will have this idea.I hope one day in aerofly I can fly from Melbourne to London, or from Singapore to New York.Of course, it takes more time to make a map, I am willing to wait, I just think that the map data in the popular area is easier to find, maybe the production is not so difficult, of course, this is my expectation, thank you for your answer.