Plane Similarity

  • So, now that I have an idea how to work this game (Well, the 737 Plane, for now), thanks to so many helpful people on these forums, I was wondering, if i start trying different planes (that also support the Auto Pilot/ Approach feature), I should be able to fly those as well?

    Is it safe to assume that being I learned which controls I need and which to look for, in theory, I should also be able to fly a different plane, correct? Or are there MAJOR differences between planes?

  • I'd expect that you will have less difficulties with more modern aicraft. The 737 cockpit is really stone age.

    If there are difficulties...just ask :)

    The Airbus philosophy how to operate an aircraft differs a lot from Boeing, so sticking with the 747 or 777 would be the easier choice.

    (Most pilots prefer the Boeing way IRL as well)