Can I Run This Game?

  • Can I run Aerofly FS 2 with a 1650 TI/i5-10300h laptop on all low settings (ON VR)? If anyone has similar specs to mine please tell me the performance.

    Also, does this game have hand tracking on quest 2?

  • You should be able to run AFS2 at maybe 45fps or better with Quest2 VR using Link or Airlink or even better, Virtual Desktop. The hand controllers will show up as blue semitransparent hands that can grip the yoke and push buttons - or you can use the hand controller joysticks for control. Also, if you hold down the left controller joystick button for one second (this works for sure with Virtual Desktop), you get an opportunity to change views and for two seconds, back to home menu.

    A very important concern on a Windows 10 laptop that has both a discrete (accelerated Nvidia or AMD) GPU AND on-CPU-chip GPU of lesser performance, you must use the Win 10 graphics settings to identify that a given app needs to run on the discrete GPU. Settings->Display->Graphics Settings Graphics Performance Preference and there browse for the EXE and set to High Performance. Also, you should list Oculus Client, and OVR Server.

    You have to adjust a lot of parameters to get decent clarity and performance, but most likely, you will like the Laptop VR performance of FS2.