Non-Steam installation

  • There should not be too many differences (refer to the aerofly website) but it seems that Steam versions tend to get updates a bit quicker. You may want to contact aerofly and see if you can transfer over to Steam. They may provide you with a Steam key to do this.

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  • Thanks, Jan. Thought so, but was just checking before I made mistake. Also, is there any way to move DLC scenery to another drive other than C Drive....maybe with symbolic links? I know there is a way for user-created scenery with the " [extra_user_folder] " method.



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    You can move it but the update installer checks for the paths in the registry. If you know how to edit that then you can move the files manually and adjust the registry accordingly. Otherwise we'd recommend re-installing it ... I hope the installer just asks for the path, I've only used the steam version myself.

  • Thank you so much, Jan. This whole issue came up when I tried to install some Aerosoft scenery packages into FS2. I have a C Drive for only the OS and then had installed FS2 on my E Drive. The Aerosoft installer said it could not find FS2 and it had not given me a choice to direct it to any certain location.

    I've moved to a larger C Drive and I guess will just keep everything there since I have already purchased the non-Steam version of FS2.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help.


  • Hi Jeff,

    For what its worth I too have my OS Win 7 on my C drive and the DVD version of FS 2 on my F drive, 3 TB.

    Installing the DLC's they found FS 2 with no problems. All my home made scenery is also on my F drive.

    A very warm welcome to the mad house.

    Kindest regards, Michael.

  • Hey, Michael! Thanks for the info. That is interesting. I did notice that somehow my FS2 folder got buried down a level on my E Drive. I'm not sure how that happened unless it did that somehow when I did an update. Seemed a little strange....even I couldn't find it at first. I just figured that if I tried to take FS2 out of that "extra" folder, it would really make a mess at this point.

    So, you didn't have to add any special instructions at all to redirect the scenery installation to your F Drive, correct? Just for experimentation, I might play around with my previous setup with FS2 installed on E Drive and see what happens. Also, it's curious how your home-made scenery got stored on your F Drive because normally ( I think, from what I've read) that is stored in the Documents folder on the C Drive. Hmmm



  • OK, thanks. The scenery situation with this sim seems to be very confusing (especially when using the "[extra_user_folder]" procedure for putting scenery on another drive) because everything I've read indicates that home-made(user-created) scenery goes in the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Aerofly FS 2/scenery/images/...." folder. Oh, well, I prefer that it be like you are telling me. I will eventually experiment with this. You've got me wondering. :)

    Thanks for you help.