Question about compatibility of Lukla - Mount Everest DLC with Mac OS

  • I am using Steam Aerofly FS 2 version for Mac OS and I would like to buy Aerosoft - Lukla Mount Everest DLC. Earlier it was signed in Steam store as compatible only with Windows version of game, but now I have found that there is Mac OS icon and very basic system requirements on Steam page too (as shown on attached screens). Does it mean that Lukla terrain DLC is now compatible with Mac? I have asked developers of this DLC (Aerosoft) using their question form, but they answered me the following:

    ***"If you take a look on the system requirements in the Steam shop you will find huge differences between the Windows and the Max OS X information. For Mac OS X and also for SteamOS+Linux there are more or less no specific information given. To me looks like "not ok" and I would derive a "not compatible" from this. But we are not the publishers of this add-on on Steam, but the Aerofly FS 2 makers themselfs, IPACS. Maybe they have done some modifications on our add-on to make it compatible with Mac OS X. But this is something I don't know. So best is to get directly in touch with IPACS and ask them. They will know for sure!"***

    So is it possible to install Lukla Mont Everest on Mac OS?

    Thank you in advance for answer.

  • I don't see anything in the scenery package that would make me think that it's Windows only. It looks to be exactly like all other scenery packages. So, you could download just about any other free scenery pack as a test drive. Success there would indicate success for Lukla to me.

    In other news, I heavily prefer Key West (USA South Florida Pack) to Lukla. I have them all.

    Alternatively, Steam Refund Policy is pretty likely to cover you: