Few requests for the A320 (and others)

  • Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS) and IPACS Team,

    Flight Plan

    What I like to do is to make the flight plan using the user interface. After that I use my iOS personal script to make a screenshot of the flight plan text area only. Then I delete the flight plan to start my flight from zero (using the screenshot from Photos app).

    Let’s say that my script is nice ;) , but not enough.

    My request would be an option that doesn’t copy the flight plan to the MCDU at start. But there would be a way to pop up the flight plan to enter it manually in the MCDU.


    In the MCDU, there are many cheats to enter values. That is so cool :thumbup: .

    The ultimate killer feature would be an enhanced cheat that calculates V1, VR, V2, FLEX, CONF performances in function of the selected runway, winds, etc.

    I have another request, I would like to be able to set my favorite THR RED/ACC. The settings would be in feet AGL of course, but perfectly translated into altitude MSL in the MCDU!

    And a last request, would be an option to preselect climb speed in CLIMB page potentially usable as a cheat.

    Descent profil suggestion

    I remarked that the descent profile is calculated waypoint after waypoint as much as the flight progresses. In function of speed, the curves are different so suddenly, passing a waypoint, you can be above or under the descent profile (because of the curve the remaining distance changes). It can reach +/- 2000 feet easily.

    [very humble here] why don’t you calculate the descent profil once, estimating and using supposed speed at each waypoint, including constraints. The navigation/descent profile would be engraved in marble, the plane would follow it as much as its NAV and MANAGED DESCENT are on. It’s cheating explained like that, but if it works, it would create the illusion.

    Thank you for reading.

    Best regards.


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    These are great suggestions and I'd like to implement these at some point, yes.

    The acceleration and thrust reduction heights are a bit more difficult though. In the long run I'd like them to be a function of the used livery (if we can find out what acc/thr red heights the individual carriers prefer) and a function of the airport. E.g. if it's common to fly a noise abatement procedure then the suggested cheat value should reflect that.

    Regarding the v-speeds and thrust settings: At the moment it's only the runway length that changes but in the future we might want to change the weight, too, so there will probably be a need to implement that feature and set the default v-speeds correctly as well.

  • By the way, JAT PACK(IPACS), I think you, the people who developed the game, I am very happy to find you here because I have been sending an e-mail for a long time and always the same automatic message is coming, now I am here and I will show all my attention, I will always be in touch with my pilot acquaintances for the development of the game, especially the 320 aircraft, and it's nice. I hope we will turn it into a plane, thank you very much