Feature Request: Orientation Trainer

  • Hi there,

    In my country we have been "locked down" in our houses avoiding covid for several months. I've used some of that time to practise flying with Aerofly RC 8 on the mac. After 50 hours, I think it is a fantastic piece of software - thank you to the dev team!

    I have a feature request - would it be possible to have an option to make all models white or black so that only the silhouette of the model is visible? I often find that when flying I loose the orientation of the model in the glare of the sky. I think it would be useful to be able to train with this "orientation mode" to learn the orientation of the model without recourse to the colour scheme.

    Thanks for your consideration - and thanks again for Aerofly RC8 - it has helped keep me sane during these past months.