Lanzarote Island - NEW

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful Canary Islands. My favourite part is the lovingly designed Lanzarote airport.

    Shortly after installing the first version the palm trees and shrubs on the airport area disappeared although I didn't change anything (maybe due to an IPAC update).

    If I comment out the line with the geometry value in the file lanzarote/airport/gcrr.tsc the vegetation reappears but the beautifully designed area is gone.

    Is there a solution to prevent the vegetation from disappearing?

    <[tmvector3d][position][-13.6044555 28.9449495 0]>

    Another issue I had, which I could solve by myself, were the glass facades of the upper airport floors which disappeared after copying the elevation files into the elevation directory.

    You can restore the facades with the following changes in the file lanzarote/models2/lanzarote.tsc:

    <[vector3_float64][position][-13.6082466714 28.9507728595 15]>

    (Set autoheight to false and set elevation to 15.)