Possible bug handling TMD presets.

  • Hi!

    I am looking into TMD presets and I have noticed a couple of anomalies. I first noticed them in an airplane I am tweaking, but I reproduced the same behaviour with the standard C172 and other models included in the sim.

    §1 Select the C172. Locate it at about 3000 ft MSL. Start the simulation. Expected behaviour: the airplane starts at a stable flight in cruise config at cruise speed. Actual behaviour: the airplane is "launched" at about max speed (red arc in the anemometer) and starting a steep uncontrolled climb. If I let the airplane settle, it will stabilise in a reasonable cruise config. It would look like the c172_clean.tmd is loaded as expected, but the aircraft initial CG velocity is not set up correctly in the simulation. The initial velocity is way above what is declared in the .tmc

    §2 Start Aerofly FS2, select the C172. Go to location and choose an approach (either short or long). Start the simulation. The first time I do this, the aeroplane is NOT in the landing configuration (max throttle, no flaps, etc), and it is nowhere near a stable flight; as in §1, it will depart the slope and start a steep climb. If I now stop the flight, and select an approach a SECOND time, the airplane will start as expected: in a stable approach down the slope in landing configuration. EDIT: In this case, it looks like Aerofly is not loading the c172_landing.tmd preset every time you choose an approach at the "location" screen.

    I checked a bit, but I haven't seen this reported, maybe I missed it.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention. This is running the Steam version on Windows 10. Logfile says "Program version:"


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  • Hi Anton,

    1) This might be a bug in the location menu, I'll have to compare what my version does vs. what the release version does. There could be a change that is missing.

    2) I've not had this issue yet. Can you please tell me what the exact steps are to reproduce this? When I open the sim, select the c172 and then set the approach position it always loads the landing configuration properly. Do you have any external devices connected that could interfere, e.g. an analog input for the flaps? Does the same thing happen with all controllers disconnected?



  • Hi Jan!

    Tested a bit more. There seems to be an interaction with cold-start, try this:

    • Start AeroflyFS in safe mode.
    • Select the C172.
    • Go to Lompoc Airport (LPC/KLPC)
    • Choose the parking spot and a Cold Start.
    • Start the scenario. No need to do anything.
    • Go back to location and choose long approach to 07.
    • Start the scenario and notice the throttle setting. It is at 2300 RPM. Flaps are down full, however, I was wrong when I wrote the report.
    • Now go to the location menu again, and choose the same approach.
    • When you start the scenario now, the throttle setting is properly at 1850 RPM, set for a descent for landing.