How to configure the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant for use with Helicopters?

  • Usually the cyclic control is bound to a stick-type two-axis controller, whereas the collective is bound to a throttle-type single-axis controller.

    The simulated throttle may not be necessary at all, depending on helicopter model.

    More important is tail rotor control, usually bound to a pedal-type single-axis controller or the z-axis of your stick.

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    You don't need to assign the helicopter throttle at all, that's just if you want to practice auto-rotation landings or full startup/shutdown. You don't need it for the normal flight because the governor holds the rotor RPM for you.

    What you need to assign is the collective pitch, which controls the vertical movement in hover. Usually it's good to use the device throttle axis for that purpose since the throttle is not needed.



  • I use 2 Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant and so I have 4 thrust levers next to each other. With the helicopter, especially the EC135, I use them like this:

    - Thrust lever 1v4: Turbine 1

    - Thrust lever 2v4: Turbine 2

    - Thrust lever 3v4: Rotor brake

    - Thrust lever 4v4: Collective

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