Laggy response to controller in RC8, RC7 is fine

  • There is a perceptible lag between moving a control and a response from RC8 which is not present in RC7, I estimate between 1/10th and 1/5th second. That is sufficient to render the simulation unusable for my purpose (F3a practice). All aircraft are affected and the effect is visible in the menu item Controller/ Assign Controls (Advanced). There is no visible lag in RC7 nor in my OS joystick test app. I have tried changing the servo speed setting for one of the aircraft servos in the vain hope that it might have an effect on the delay, but it does not. I am using the same event-based controller in RC7 and RC8. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has experienced this, especially if they have a fix, or from anyone whose install does not have this flaw so that we can compare setups.

    Comments gratefully appreciated.

  • Aaaaaaaaaah thank you. Frame rate was 60 because "limit frame rate" was set to "vsync". I've set it to "Off" and FPS is now around 150 to 250 with max graphics quality on a 3840x2160 display and lag is now imperceptible. That's with OpenGL, slightly lower using Vulkan.

    Just for interest, this is on an Alienware R3 via Wine on Linux (OpenSUSE Tumbleweed) :)

    Now much closer to the feel and behaviour of the real-life counterparts. Thank you.

    Another question now... (new thread)

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  • I used to have an i7 with 1080 HD. No problem with 4K.
    But it's limit with a 4K VR headset