Don't overlook ZoSoChile's excellent Cayman Islands scenery pack

  • I spent most of the weekend exploring the 3 Cayman Islands available for FS2 as freeware at Higgy's flight sim site. This is up to date high def scenery for both low and slow aircraft and helicopters in VR. Download some detailed tourist maps and plan on spending some serious time exploring Jake's work. This beautiful island scenery is packed with emerald green water, white beaches, cruise ships, animated sailboats, elaborate resorts, animated street traffic, and a ton of other details. 3 islands, 3 airports, and plenty of helipads. The Caymans are directly South of Cuba in the Western Caribbean. This location makes for some great cross country flights from the Eastern U.S. and especially Florida. I used Skyvector to make a short 3-leg VOR flight plan from Key West to Grand Cayman's main airport. I then used the CoPilot feature to follow the route in FS2 from takeoff to landing. Nice.

    Download link - Cayman Islands - MWCR, MWCB, MWCL -



  • Yes - I flew there yesterday and looked at it and it is really, very, very detailed work with a lot of traffic and animations! Even with character animation! ^^ The Photoscenery is in Highres and looks very nice too! :)

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