Q400 Possible Bug Report

  • Just did a short flight from London Luton to East Midlands in the Q400... I've Followed the checklist properly...There were no issues during the TO,CLB,CRZ,LA phase...But after landing the nose wheel was stuck at middle position...It wasn't turning to either ways...yes the NOSE WHEEL STEERING WAS INDEED TURNED ON and so was the STBY HYDS...

    I had connected to the Sony Headphone via BT and Controls were set to AUTO (Uses Accelerometer sensor)

    i Just don't know what was the Issue..

  • Automatic sir

    Yes only for the Q400... I've flown using this aircraft a lot...Never experienced anything like this... happened only during the previous flight and when I restarted the app i got the controls back!

    I don't think flight plan has something to do with this!

    But here's the route:

    Is the Red Beacon light Modelled in the Q400?

    I only see white