scenery with SKETCHUP ?

  • Hallo; i would like to create a german landscape that can be used in AEROFLY (and other FS) . I am experienced in using SKETCHUP, see link. My question: is it possible to convert landscapes that have been buildt with SKETCHUP into a file that could be used for AEROFLY-FS ? Is there a convert-software - SKETCHUP to AEROFLY-FS - or do all sceneries have to be made with a special software ? If so - where can i get this software ?

    Teckberg-Landkarte | 3D Warehouse

    Wasserkuppe-Fototextur | 3D Warehouse

  • If you are looking to convert those two specific landscapes that you linked from 3D Warehouse then it will be unsuccessful.

    Converting these two files will only export a single 3D model that is textured specifically to what these Sketchup Files look like.

    No data regarding to housing, elevation, road, etc are gathered from these 3D Warehouse links.

    However, if you want to create a 3D model from SketchUp and export it into Aerofly then this link should help you.

    The link is old and could be refined but still it's a good start to begin with.

  • In principle it is possible to manipulate the ground of Arofly FS2 based on a Sketchup model. I'v done it several time, but just for smaller grounds/models.

    But I have never tried this with this large dimension as your models. Also, only a level up of the simulator ground will work (never level down in relation of the mesh).

    First you would have to become familiar with MCX to make an object/model like f.e. a cube visible in FS2, this before being able to integrate a ground mesh-modell into the ground-mesh of FS2 (so first follow the instructions of ZoSoChile) for convertations of 3D models). Photo-images for an area are done on a different way, using the AeroSenery f.e..