• Hello , :)

    I have managed to make a item in 3ds max then export it and view in the sim .

    There are some code words which I believe were explained would reveal how to do different tasks.

    Can anyone explain what these words do for the sim? ?(







    Thanks in advance :saint:

  • Vector2 is a two dimensional vector. The values represent x and y decimal values.

    Vector3 is a three dimensional vector with x, y, z being the three vector components as decimal numbers.

    Vector3d or vector2d are double precision vectors, where as vector2f and vector3f are floating point vectors. There is no real difference when using them in the scenery TSC file.

    Bool is a boolean variable can be true or false

    String8 is a text consisting of uint8 characters, meaning each character of the string should be in the range from 0 to 255, or in other words: Just use plain English characters, no umlauts or special characters outside of the normal ASCII range. Used for the airport name for example.

    Float64 is a double precision decimal value.