Wishing for a modell, how do i inform the right ppl?

  • Hi!

    i have a question, i would like to wish for a new modell. But where should i turn?
    if its like this, (creating a thread) here it is.

    i wish for a Carl Goldberg Ultimate 53" (1.38 meter wingspan) with symectric wings just as the original. And a DLE 20RA enginen with 2.5Hp. weight 4.0 kilograms.
    Just like the old school F3A plane did fly before, fast and smooth. not like today´s 3D Ultimates.

    why? cuz i have one and i want to fly it now during the winter :)
    And i have some older friends who want´s to fly it again as the did 20 years ago and more.


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  • We do have an Ultimate biplane in the sim so it's just a matter of adjusting control deflections, CG and engine power, isn't it? Have you tried using the model editor in the sim yet? If allows you to create a modification of a plane and tweak it to your desires.

    its sooooo far away from a Goldberg i flying characters you can imagine, the Ultimate in AF is not even close after modification that can be done.

  • Hello,

    If you have the skills and the time, like with other simulators like RealFlight for example, you can build a new airplane.

    I create the planes I love and it takes hundreds of hours. If you are ready to pay those hours, why not, but your simulator will cost you dearly.
    Golberg's ultimate isn't particularly good for my taste.

    • Official Post

    I don't think it's necessary to create a new plane. You can just take the existing model and make if fly differently. The physics and visuals are completely independent in Aerofly so if you really wanted to you can make the Ultimate fly like helicopter or backwards or like a jet or in this case like a F3A aerobatic plane. Its not rocket science, it's actually somewhat close to what you might have to do in real life to modify a 3D stunt plane to a precision aerobatic aircraft.

    You can change airfoils, change wing and fuselage masses, change deflections, etc. and that all leads to a different behavior :)