transparent windows

  • Is it for an aircraft or a scenery object? For aircrafts see Jan's link and the DR400 as example. For scenery objects it's a bit different.

    For a fence, for example, you just use the alpha channel of the _color texture and save it as tif.

    For glass I would recommend a seperat texture set. So, model a frame of the window , place a plane for the glass and give it an own material.

    This is my personal setup:

    Again, _color and _specular with alpha channels and saved as tif, _reflection as bmp.

    Hope it helps.



  • Kai,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this in such detail!

    The transparent texture will be for a static aircraft object with pilots in the cockpit,

    With windows which are a separate object in 3ds max but it is part of the fuselages texture.

    So I can do the area that has the window image on the main _color texture in a _specular with alpha channels and save as tif correct? :rolleyes::?:

  • Hi,

    Basically you can do it so, but I would recommend a multimaterial.

    So, first one is the (big) color texture (bmp) for the fuselage, without any alpha.

    Second is the glass material with all the specular, reflection, etc., as shown above. This textures can be small, like 128x128. A simple box mapping is doing the job.