Aerofly da 2022 AP problem

  • I found a serious problem with the Boeing 787-10 and Boeing 777-300ER When I was making a long flight, the b787-10 had to climb to an altitude of 38,000 feet. Once he reached this height, the plane could not maintain a speed of 250 knots. The same problem is with The b777-300ER but on the altitude of 40,000 feet. Plane started to slowly lose speed to 160 knots and slowly descend. The autopilot kept the throttle often at 82%-86% not 100% when I tried to manually steer the plane and when I changed the throttle power to 100% nothing changed the plane continued to lose speed. I'm afraid this plane has too little power for this altitude or the cruising altitude is just too high. Fix it because players can't make long flights with these planes because of this problem sorry for my english, oh and some English airports doesn’t have ground lights like: Stansted, Heatrow, Gatwick and Manchester so thanks!