HO, Ho Ho......!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS for all - and do i have see there Santa Claus?! .... :DD

  • Ho, ho ho -

    MERRY CHRISTMAS for you and your families - and do i have see there Santa Claus?!

    I think, Santa left some presents! =O^^

    Ok, I'll take a look in Santa's sack that he left me.

    What have we here..... :/:/:/

    We have a single request from a user. He said to Santa that he wanted "Hamburg" :!:

    Ok, let's take a look, what we can do or have..... :/

    YEAH :!::!::!:^^ We have "Hamburg"

    Restored partiell in 0,149 m/pixel with cultivation.

    Let's take a look:

    Restored area:

    Ok.... and for the other kids? Hmmmmm..... let's take a second look.... :/:S

    OH :!:

    Ho ho ho - i found a little bit of Spain and Portugal! =O

    Let's tak a look to the area..... :S

    Hmmmmm ..... do i hear voices: "It's not enough!" ? :/



    It's time to go to Africa !

    Don't forget your bottle of water and feel the heat of the sun, if you explore the beautiful landscapes of complete




    To be continued soon ... please wait a moment ... :)

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  • TomSimMuc has created a new height grid for Spain and Portugal and the whole of Morocco :!: Thank you in this direction :!:<3

    Everything I just showed is ready and ready to be uploaded shortly! Not like in the last few years from March or April!

    I have also done some cultivation for Morocco and separately for the south coast of Spain. In Morocco, the OSM data is very thin - I have to do a little more manually.

    Possibly. Some are now asking why I haven't finished the Alps yet? That's because I assumed that the FS 4 would already have it and I wanted to take a look at it first.

    In addition, I saw how passionate Iz0Jub made the Canary Islands and so I thought: Then I'll just do the "Neighborhood". :)

    At the same time, I wanted a huge new area for new long-haul flights - and I've never been to Africa myself.

    I hope you enjoy it! :)

    here a little bit of Spain:

    and Morroco again:

    Hope, you like it! :S:)

    3,9 Ghz, RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB RAM, Oculus Rift CV1, PIMAX 8K X, Quest 2, RotoVR, HOTAS and Flight Rudder Pedals, Win10, 3ds max

  • Hi@Marco

    Very good that alliance with Santa Claus, the graphic results prove it, especially your contribution in Spain (very specially the Northwest part, my current land: Santiago de Compostela). Although you have not forgotten the South either: Andalusia.

    This year (in these special holidays), you have surpassed all the above; you have done a wide and extensive work, very grateful for it.

    Have a very happy holidays, in the company of your family, and be careful with that Covid-19, who is making us bitter the party; remember that I think he has more lives than cats (and these in my land, it is said that they have 7 lives).

    Merry Christmas and a better 2022.


  • I am happy if you like it! :) At this moment I am uploading the second, larger part: Spain and Portugal (south).

    PS: I plan to complete Spain too - but first wanted to take a look at the new FS4.

    Hi Marco

    It is the whole South of Spain, it is called "Andalucia" and it is the biggest region of Spain with 8 provinces. It is very famous in this country for its art. To that land belong the authors of "Macarena" whose music I have put in this forum, I suppose you have heard it, have you ever heard of Seville (one of the 8 provinces of Andalucia), if not, here is a "famous sevillana". Click here

    I think it's only right that before you jump for the perfection of the Andalusian scenario, wait to see what Aerofly offers us in the new version.

    Kind regarrds: Delfin

  • Now it is just missing, that somebody with experience in airport design will create wonderful taxi runways and so on... The cherry on the cake will be some original 3d Modells of Elphi and famous Churches which create this beautiful skyline of Hamburg City. Anyways it is a wonderful scenery and a fantastic job.