How to Arm Spoilers for the Boeing 777, 787, Airbus A320, A380, Q400?

  • Does anyone know how to arm spoilers so they automatically activate upon touchdown?

    I can't seem to figure out how to make them work for the 777, 787, A320, A380, and Q400. I've figured out there's a switch for the CRJ-900 which works, but not the other five passenger aircraft.

  • First click pulling back the spoiler lever in the Boeings. The others must have something similar, I almost never use the Airbus.

    Airbus, have the white base of the spoiler lever visible, ‘pull it up’. Do not pull it back unless you want manual airbrake.

    Dash 8 is automatic as long as the dashboard switch is on flight and not taxi, the ground or parking position.

  • In the A320 you just tap the spoiler lever in the Center console: if it’s up the spoilers are armed and ECAM will say. 747: tap the lever as it has a ‘down’ and ‘armed’ setting so it goes one click back. Not sure about the others although I did fly the 380 today ^^

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    The speedbrake lever should move aft automatically after touch down. If you do a bounced landing it may be automatically retracted after that but then it doesn't move back and stays retracted as a precaution.

    An alternative method is using reverse thrust, that also activates the spoiler extension. On mobile you just need to pull the throttle slider down a tiny bit to activate reverse thrust.