• @Administration

    With all due respect, I must communicate the following:

    1º) - On December 19, I sent a thread to the Forum fundamentally congratulating the users on these dates and a very, very slight exposition of what I understand to be the contribution of the Ipacs team to Aerofly FS-2 during this year 2021.

    That thread was parked waiting for the moderator to decide on a response. As the answer was not forthcoming, on December 21, I posted a second thread: (TO ALL USERS OF AEROFLY-1) to the Forum asking for the answer to the first thread.

    2nd) This time Jan replied saying that he was offended by my criticism and that I had spoken negatively about your team, which is not true. I have on many occasions very energetically defended the Ipacs team, which means defending Aerofly.

    Jan's reply, (and also my reply to Jan) remained on the Forum until yesterday, which Jan sent to the trash can.

    3º) - Today I notice that the Administration also sent to the trash my first thread (TO ALL AEROFLY USERS) dated December 19.

    I am not a man of polemics or controversies, but sending my comments to the trash so lightly, I do not find it pleasant. Can you understand that ?. And if my comments are so OFFENSIVE to the Ipcas team, in logical reciprocity, my answer and decision is very simple, I just have to apply the same philosophy and doctrine as you: when am I going to send Aerofly to the trash can?

    Nevertheless, I wish the Ipacs team and the users of this forum a happy new year.


  • I don't know your problem or what it's about - but I know that IPACS have a lot of construction sites and never make promises when a certain thing should be finished or further developed at a certain point in time.

    I like it here myself and I am very satisfied.

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  • Hi Marco

    I have never asked Ipacs for release dates of any specific programming, moreover, on many occasions I have defended the position of NOT giving dates to finalize any specific programming (contrary to many users who have been doing it forever).

    That you are very satisfied here ?, I have never doubted it, otherwise, you would have left.

    I wish you a happy new year.


  • Imagine being in a pub. It is very nice, not to pricey and the people are cool around here. You look at the menu, ordering a beer and paying for it. It is not bad, actually good - but not your favourite beer.

    You go over to the bar and tell the pub owner that he needs to get your favourite beer.

    The owner is obviously very busy, as his small pub full with customers, and he is right in the middle of directing some craftsmen, as he is building a bigger pub. He gives you a look, and continues serving other customers and directing his craftsmen.

    You feel ignored and get angry. You start yelling in the pub, calling the pub owner an ignorant fool for ignoring your proposal. You demand to see his plans for his new pub, and if there will be new beer at his new pub, and if it will be your favourite beer.

    As the pub owner still ignores you, you start yelling some more - for which you are asked by the pub owner and other guests to just shut up and drink your beer.

    This story may or may not be related to some threads in this forum.

  • …as most members here aren‘t allowed to drink beer yet, they won‘t understand the metaphor, hehe…

    (i‘m really sorry for the cynicism)

    seriously, i love your words and i will link this post next time whenever i read „please make airfield littleblablabla, because i learned flying there“

    5 stars for you :thumbup:

    regards, Timo

  • Jeder macht mal einen Fehler auch ich war immer zu ungeduldig hier ,weil ich immer bei FSX war und es anders gewohnt bin!!

    Vielleicht sollten wir mal alle Dankbar sein was man hat,und das alte mal hinter sich lassen :!::!:

    Ich freue mich jetzt auf das was kommt,und das ist gut so.

    Wenn de Co-Pilot in der aussenansicht mit drinn sitzt, bin ich zu frieden. ;)^^^^^^^^^^^^

    MFG Enrico