VOR DME readings in CRJ?

  • Hi,

    One more crj question. I try to figure out how or where I can find a DME reading for a selected VOR. E.g. I like to tune in an vor close to my destination airport on VOR/nav 2 usually and like to see the distance to it for my decent planning.


  • Display the ILS and VORs on the primary displays or at least switch between FMS/LNAV and the Nav-aid. It varies from plane to plane (nav source side panel switch in the CRJ, don’t forget to use the nearby -> and => switches).

    Not all nav-aids actually have a DME, look on real charts for a VOR hexagon symbol not inside a (DME) square. On an approach chart if the distances refer only to a nearby VOR or a separate DME-only the ILS has not got a DME.

    Look at Copenhagen 04R ILS which uses the VOR’s DME.

    Hamburg ILS 15 is interesting, it has a separate DME on 115.80 which is not shown in FS2022 and the 150 degrees ILS on 111.35 has no DME (the FS2022 nav page incorrectly shows the ILS frequency as 111.30). You could try the A 320 and have the DME showing on Nav1 and switch Nav2 between the nearby VORDME on 115.10 and the 5.4 miles out locator NDB on 323.00. The ILS display will in this case not show a DME. It really is a very nice approach.