does any rc usb controller work with Aerofly FS 2021?

  • cubsterky

    Changed the title of the thread from “does any rc usb controller work with” to “does any rc usb controller work with Aerofly FS 2021?”.
  • Its a good question, even though I don't have android.

    I have used a Realflight RF8 USB R/C controller in the past on a windows PC and another non-RC simulator (like aerofly fs but not aerofly) as I wanted better heli control. It was an excellent device giving superb control but I noticed a pretty significant load on the simulator with a bit of lag and frame drop. It was useable and OK but had downsides. I used it on that sim too of course (the one it was designed for) but I ended up using xbox most of the time on the other sim as it did not tax the system so much.

    My guess is that it might work, mine worked on Windows 10 a few years ago, but don't know. Its not cheap - wouldn't buy one without knowing if it worked first and it would probably give you some serious lag and frame drop. I think the better the controller - the more expensive - the more it taxes an operating system. Not recommended imo.

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