Aerofly FS 2022 iOS Update Version 20.22.09

  • We've published a new update for the iOS Version of Aerofly FS 2022 that includes several bug fixes and changes. And we plan to add this update to the Android version soon.

    Changelog for Version 20.22.09

    • Touch control (instead of tilt) is now available on all phone sizes
    • F18 and Extra 330 moving maps have been fixed
    • Less memory usage on selected devices
    • Airport lighting is now longer visible at dusk and dawn
    • The position of the route time-skip button has been moved so it's not activated by accident
    • Assistance for auto-tuning adjusted so that manual navigation source selection is made possible in CRJ900, LJ45, Q400, etc.
    • 787 gear doors no longer open automatically after lift off
    • 787 gear door indication on displays corrected
    • 777 and 787 gear body tilt adjusted so that they don't push the aircraft up on the runway during takeoff
    • 777 and 787 autopilot can be disengaged with the autopilot buttons in the cockpit even in LAND 3 configuration on final approach
    • 787 annunciator test switch fully operational again
    • 747, 777 and 787 ground sensors adjusted to allow bounced landings without spoiler retraction and subsequent autobrake disengagement
    • CRJ900 reverse thrust re-enabled below 20 knots ground speed
    • CRJ900 steering switch set to armed in before start configuration
    • CRJ900 CDU line select keys 6L and 6R working again
    • C90GTx starter switches automatically reset after successful engine start

    Please only comment with new bug reports in this thread, no feature requests.

  • Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    A320 x20.22.09 iPad Pro M1 8 Gb RAM iPadOS 15.2.1

    Flight Assistant all OFF apart Auto warning & Auto trim.

    Traffic all OFF.

    Same bugs list / Same wishlist than previous version.

    Application crash at spawn

    The application may crash when spawning at some airports. It has never happened since the two last main versions.

    Creating flight plan

    It happens very often that a STAR is not linked to the APPR. There are discontinuities with gaps. The gaps are also insert in the MCDU, so the plane will not fly to the APPR.

    When creating a short flight plan the top of cruise is after the top of descent because the application persists to always use FL320 as cruise altitude.

    Auto landing lights

    They are switched OFF after takeoff and switched ON under 2,500 ft AGL before landing.

    This is quite incorrect: the landing light are ON under 10,000 ft.


    When programming the flight plan from zero, it sometimes misses some SIDs. The real problem is that it very often misses STARs. Or selecting a STAR selects another one.

    Auto cockpit

    It is a cool option but it does not do all things correctly.

    The spoilers, they are not disarmed after takeoff, nor armed after gear down and neither disarmed after landing (or when the user sets flaps up).

    Descent profile discontinuity

    The descent profile is more respected than it was with the previous version. However, there are always jolts by passing some waypoints.

    With the previous version, this problem was suspected to be caused by the curves calculations. Because only the next curve was calculated, more or less curved, changing more or less the remaining distance and finally modifying the descent profil position.

    The curves of this current version seem to be gaved in marble, but it looks like there is still a kind of next curve calculation somewhere behind the stage.

    The 2 pink marks in the PFD as speed max and as speed min are not always shown in the managed descent. This state changes while descending.

    Time skip

    There is a lack to skip time to reach 15 NM before top of descent, or reach mid-descent, for example.

    The worst is that the time skip control is still in front UI with the other controls. So just one clumsy usage and your flight is completely wasted.

    After a skip:

    • The MCDU set pages are no longer the same
    • Navigation is set off
    • FL320 is now used as cruise altitude
    • The chrono is not increased
    • The fuel is not dicreased

    Failing STAR or/and SID

    It happens very often that the plane misses a curve in SID or STAR.

    While flying a SID the managed speed change between 250 KTS and 300 KTS above 10,000 ft.

    Towns wish

    Where are the towns that we enjoyed to see before, like London, etc?

    A hack to add USA from Aerofly FS 2021 to 2022 on Android proves that extra cities are working on Aerofly FS 2022.

    City lights wish

    Another hack with Android brings gorgeous vaste city lights (all San Franscisco Bay, Silicon Valley, all Las Vegas, etc. for examples). So this version was clearly designed with city lights in mind.

    Displaying airports

    The distance to display airports is quite shorter than the previous version. They appear around 7,5 Nm, it was 13 Nm before. So, when on finale, the airport is not visible at first, then it appears suddenly.


    The clouds are gorgeous, until you fly through them where there are flash effects in the cockpit.

    AI traffic

    The traffic is only based on west winds whatever your conditions in settings.


    The windshield is back sligltly opaque like with Aerofly FS 2019.

    Region manager/updater

    There is no notification about new updates. And you cannot delete regions.

    CFM56 Engine sounds

    The sound of the engines has been improved a lot. It is so good until N1 50%, then fades to a toy sound and not enough buzzing at full power.

    The reverse sound is weak with a lack of loud woofing virile sound.


    Manual changing the QNH/STD at the good moment sets the 2 main PFD (and the third as backup). But the second will blink after the transition altitude/level.


    The value set in MCDU BARO is ignored. +200 FT is used whatever the entry.

    Spawn at certain airports

    It is impossible to spawn the A320 at some big airports.

    Loss of some cockpit sounds

    Changing plane location or doing another flight mutes some sounds of the cockpit. It concerns all versions.

    Insisting pressing buttons will restore some, not all. To restore a clean situation you have to kill the application.

    Kill the application has to be done between 2 flights.

    Best regards

    MacBook Pro | M1 Pro | Thrustmaster Airbus Captain Edition
    X-Plane 12 | ToLiSS A321/neo/LR/XLR A320neo | BetterPushback | X-ATC Chatter | FlyWithLua
    iPad | SimBrief/Navigraph | WebFMC

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  • Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Sorry, I have just seen that you did not want feature here! My wishes glittered into my eyes, so did not get it.

    My post is organized, so it will be easy to sort.

    MacBook Pro | M1 Pro | Thrustmaster Airbus Captain Edition
    X-Plane 12 | ToLiSS A321/neo/LR/XLR A320neo | BetterPushback | X-ATC Chatter | FlyWithLua
    iPad | SimBrief/Navigraph | WebFMC

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  • Publicamos uma nova atualização para a versão iOS do Aerofly FS 2022 que inclui várias correções e alterações de bugs. E planejamos adicionar essa atualização à versão Android em breve.

    Registro de alterações para a versão 20.22.09

    • O controle de toque (em vez de inclinação) agora está disponível em todos os tamanhos de telefone
    • Os mapas móveis F18 e Extra 330 foram corrigidos
    • Menos uso de memória em dispositivos selecionados
    • A iluminação do aeroporto agora é mais visível ao anoitecer e ao amanhecer
    • A posição do botão de salto de tempo da rota foi movida para que não seja ativado acidentalmente
    • Assistência para auto-tuning ajustada para que seja possível a seleção de fonte de navegação manual em CRJ900, LJ45, Q400, etc.
    • As portas da engrenagem 787 não abrem mais automaticamente após a decolagem
    • 787 indicação da porta de engrenagem nos displays corrigida
    • Inclinação do corpo de engrenagens do 777 e 787 ajustada para que não empurre a aeronave para cima na pista durante a decolagem
    • O piloto automático 777 e 787 pode ser desativado com os botões do piloto automático no cockpit, mesmo na configuração LAND 3 na aproximação final
    • Interruptor de teste do anunciador 787 totalmente operacional novamente
    • Sensores de solo 747, 777 e 787 ajustados para permitir aterrissagens saltadas sem retração do spoiler e subsequente desengate do autobrake
    • Empuxo reverso CRJ900 reativado abaixo de 20 nós de velocidade no solo
    • Interruptor de direção CRJ900 definido como armado antes da configuração inicial
    • Teclas de seleção de linha CRJ900 CDU 6L e 6R funcionando novamente
    • Os interruptores de partida C90GTx são redefinidos automaticamente após a partida bem-sucedida do motor

    Por favor, apenas comente com novos relatórios de bugs neste tópico, sem solicitações de recursos.

    Bugs já relatados por outros usuários antes serão ignorados.

    O que você quer dizer com o controle de toque é o mesmo que o controle analógico, obrigado! Jet-Pack (IPACS)  admin

  • I assume this is on the ground without copilot active, right?

    In the air with copilot active. I've done a few one-hour flights between airports with the A320 and A380. I had to use the interactive cockpit to adjust heading. The copilot function on the bottom right side of the screen was able to adjust the climb/descent rate (up and down arrows) but not the heading (right and left arrows).

  • Version 20 22 09 01

    The 777 cannot display a VOR on one side and an ADF on the other in the nav display.

    It can for example show ADF L and on the other side show the VOR R’s DME…. but the VOR R pointer is not shown unless VOR L is also selected.

    The F-18 cannot take a ADF/NDB frequency in FS2022. It is fine in FS2021.

    The .5 KHz entry for the ADF does not work in the 737, Cessna, Baron, Dash 8, Learjet, and the CRJ. The King Air instrument panel control does not work but the lower pedestal CDU does.

    NDBs cannot be entered in the 787 and the EC135 helicopter and it seems that nothing can be entered in the 380.

    ILS frequencies that are the same for both runway directions seem to be prone to massive DME errors.

    Bournemouth on 110.50 for 08 and 26 can give the over a hundred miles in error false distance to far away Stanstead on 110.50 for 04 and 22.

    East Midlands has 109.35 for 09 and 27 and it always gives a false DME error of over a hundred miles. It turns out to be the DME for Biggin Hill also on 109.35 for the single 21 runway’s ILS. Aero also shows the wrong frequency for both airports.

    Is there a common bug with distances of about 103 miles?

    The Ju 52/3M trim/flap control is very difficult. The instrument panel resolution is really unacceptable.

    The Aerofly nav page does not show the .05 MHz ILS and .5 KHz NDB frequencies. Wrong frequencies are often shown. This is very annoying.

    Great program, getting better all the time, thanks.

  • If you have Mach hold the indicated airspeed will fall with increasing altitude and reducing air temperature. At such high altitudes you should be flying close to the maximum speed allowed before the critical Mach number warning sounds or just below the red overspeed band on the airspeed and Mach number display on the left. You can stall if your pitch attitude is too high at any speed, are you manually hand flying or using the auto pilot or even the game’s ‘CoPilot’ thing?

    Have you got the engines making at least 90% N1 in the climb? Are you climbing at a sensible rate of climb with a maintained high speed/Mach and high N1 engine speed? See that pic, it got to 40,000’ without any trouble, it went on up to 42,000’. Have you tried climbing with FLCH?

    If it is stalling you have not sorted out a deteriorating situation, identify where you are going wrong.

  • The game crashes when I shut down the 787’s engines after a flight.

    I have tried this many times and it never crashed. Please tell me how I can replicate this. Which airport, which runway do you land on, where do you taxi, what cockpit interactions do you do (e.g. use ground power or APU) and does it happen when one engine is shut down or only if both are shut down, how long to wait, etc.