• I’ve found 2 NDB’s that don’t seem to work in the UK region:-

    1. Leeds Bradford - LBA...

    2. East Midlands - EME...

    These are my local airports and I’m flying the C172 and Baron using 8th gen IPAD. I’ve inputted the frequencies and select them but the needle in the gauge does not point to the NDB.. ??? ;(  ;)

  • Look up the real published frequencies, Leeds is 402.5 not 402 as in AEROFLY’s nav page. Hamburg 15 ILS is 111.35 not the nav page’s 111.3.

    Writing Aero must have involved making a mistaken short cut when originally doing the program and not noticing the need for the odd .5/.05 frequencies?

    East Midlands is OK in the 777 and the A320, the EME NDB can be entered properly as 353.5 KHz and the ILS as 109.35. The Aero nav page is wrong.

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