File Cleaning

  • I have been doing some overdue cleaning up of my scenery files which were located on my internal and external hard disks. Over 110 gb of scenery files, and that does not include any Orbx ones! No wonder this sim takes so long to load really. =O

    When AFS4 finally hits us I might have to be more selective as to what I load so I was wondering about maybe a scenery manager where you can load or offload scenery. Be nice if there was one for our sim.

  • The last update provided revised naming rules for airports, along with advice on applying the fix to third-party sceneries, to address that very problem.

    I am in the process of shifting everything to a 2TB SSD, but I'm not in any hurry. In the last 30 years I have used just about every variety of the Microsoft product, so I am very familiar with loading times. People need to realise that data do not move at the speed of light, any more than electricity does.