Keyboard Trim buttons

  • Hi Jan I haven't bought Aerofly rc9 yet so i don't know. But I god tree controllers 1: Interlink-X controller. 2: an Joystick. 3: an Xbox controller, and I cannot map trim controls in my rc7. Is it possible in rc 9 ? I just saw that you put the two post together so I guess the answer is no. Thanks have a good day.

  • Hi just want to mention flying an rc plane sim without being able to trim according to the speed you are flying is bad, and I am pretty sure I am not the only rc sim flyer who only flyes sim. So if you know the developers let them know that there is a demand for this and that they at least should mention in there sales materials that it is not possible to trim the planes with an ordinary usb controller.

    Thangs again have a good day.

  • Hi,
    any controller recognized under Windows in the Control Panel Devices will work under Aerofly. I've used a Microsoft gamepad before.

    The only problem remains the use of gas which must be positioned freely without returning to the center.

    But with the bad habit, you can fly anyway.

  • Unfortunately there is no such setting in the aerofly RC because most users fly with their radio transmitter connected to the sim and these controllers already have their own trim switches.

    Which aircraft are you flying that needs a lot of or too much trim in your opinion?

    I use a usb Realflight Spektrum Interlink DX controller and it works great. However, the stick trims do not seem to do anything. With RF9.5 the trims work as expected. No real big deal for me since after calibrating my controller I mainly fly heli's so I'm used to having a bit of pressure on the sticks anyway.

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  • Hi just want to clarify what I meant with trimming with the flaps. If your controller have a turning knob or a slider and you map it to the flaps and you fly below the speed that the plane is trimmed for, for level flight, you just deploy flaps as needed for level flight. If you controller only have buttons you go to the "Assign Controls ( Advanced )" Menu. Here you choose "Buttons" in the "Assigned to" Menu, in the Flaps row. Then you choose "Move -/+" in the "Function Mode" Menu. Then you map the 2 buttons you want to use.

    If the plane is not trimmed for full speed, you have to make a new edit of it in the Airplane Menu.

    Good night.