• Hello Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I have been a long time player and i really love the newest edition to the best lineup of mobile sims. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw 3 new aircraft added and a whole new lighting system and the entirety of Europe. However… there are for me still some essentials missing to accomplish completion: I would love to see the electronic flightbag being expanded to be able to control ground operations for example…

    -a request for pushback

    -command to add wheel chucks.

    -changing of passenger load, fuel en cargo load

    And ofcourse it would be best if these where all animated but adding wheel chucks could also be done without animation and by adding the physics of the parking break, and for the pushback at this point I would be excited for a feature like this if it is animated or not. And there finally the loads those are the hardest to add (I would think) because of variation in physics.

    I would love to hear about the current state of ideas like these or if other projects have priority, sorry for the long request.

    Greeting me

  • Wath is EFB?

    An Electronic flight bag (EFB) is an electronic information management device that helps aircraft crews perform flight management tasks more easily, efficiently and with less paperwork. It is an all-purpose computing platform designed to help reduce or replace material that was previously found in paper form in a pilot's hand luggage. These are, for example, documents such as the aircraft and crew operations manual as well as the navigation maps. In addition, the EFB can process special software applications to automate previously manually executed functions, such as performance calculations.

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  • Sorry for my late response, been busy with school. But maybe a simple “tablet” that can appear on your knee and this would allow for an realistic but possible option. And I really appreciate the quick reply, it really proves you all want the best for everyone within the simulator.

    Greetings Me

  • Sorry but how is it realistic if you have a digital device in the cockpit to change the aircraft weight in a plane. No such device exists in the real world.

    Things like weight and balance belong in a well designed menu in my opinion.

    Optional computations that are visible in electronic flight bags could be a good assistance but shouldn't be the native solution for all aircraft in our sim.