Negative Discussions

  • I think IPACS folk should head over to the Steam forums and see what is being posted about the upcoming version. You can only take arrogance so far. If you do not feed the great unwashed some positive news shortly then the customer base is going to fade away entirely.

  • Well, I haven't read the Steam forum, but who tells you that these voices represent the entire customer base? Maybe the majority waits until FS4 is published and judge it then?

    I'm always surprised with how much negative energy these discussions take place, also in some threads here. No one is forced to buy or play Aerofly, no one's life is depending on it (probably and hopefully). I trust in the developers and that they make the best of their possibilities, and most certainly there will be things that miss or dislike. But this won't change my life into worse, so I relax.

    I almost feel pity for the poor guys at IPACS, I would have stopped developing games entirely because I would have taken some arrogance and ignorance in forums very personally. But they are professionals I hope and can stand it.

  • Arrogance = Everyone is entitled to their own opinions providing they agree with mine.

    Yes, Steam discussions are very much under utilised which is a bit weird seeing as that is where a heck of a lot of us get our games from. A bit like Board Game Geek forums if you are into Board Games. Looking through some of those it looks like no one has played some of the popular games for years.