Status of AFS2 RC ATC (former) website and email

  • Hello all,

    It was recently brought to my attention that the website I previously used for AFS2 RC ATC has been taken over since I let it expire. My apologies to anyone who visited the website with unexpected results or had emails bounce. My team and I planned to migrate the website to a subdomain of my company’s primary domain ( but haven’t found the time. (I intended to get the product on Steam as well.) My folks and I have been surprisingly busy during the pandemic.

    The product is alive and well, still available and supported for Aerofly FS2.

    AFS2 RC ATC will be updated to support Aerofly FS4 if possible and necessary (i.e., AFS4 RC ATC). That is, if Aerofly FS4 doesn’t have super-duper ATC out of the gate but does have the required SDK functionality. It would be great to upgrade some features of the product as well, for example weather, given SDK support.

    AFS2 RC ATC is available for download at Aerofly FS 2 RC ATC - thanks to Higgy as well as my Google Drive.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly (admin at advresgrp dot com or karl dot nietsch at advresgrp dot com) or through these forums as I still lurk on a fairly regular basis.

    High hopes and waiting patiently for Aerofly FS4. :)



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